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What is mobile banking , friends, a few years ago, we had to go to the bank itself to deposit our money in the bank, send money to someone’s bank account or withdraw it, and to complete the same process, Sometimes even had to stand in the hour line,

If I talk about myself, I used to get ₹ 100 in school time and ₹ 200 sometimes in banking, which I used to get deposited in my PNB bank account by standing in line for hours,

So once upon a time the bank lunches would have ended, so that people would not have to stand in line due to less people, but with time, this process has become much simpler and convenient with the advent of mobile banking.

Now if you have to send money to someone or withdraw money from the bank to make many payments, then there is no need to go to the bank for this, all these tasks are made easy by mobile banking.

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So friends about our post mobile banking today, you comes to know is what mobile banking , mobile banking services are of many kinds , its advantages and disadvantages and the time for all sorts of things do you use mobile banking Should be taken care of , let’s know, please read this post carefully.

What is Mobile Banking?

If it is said in simple language, the process of money transfer by bank through mobile is called mobile banking, this whole process is completed through digital medium,

Here Hard Cash is not used, only money is transacted from one bank account to another bank account,

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You can consider mobile banking as the form of Internet banking, all the facilities available to consumers in Internet banking are present in mobile banking , this process is very simple and convenient.

You can take advantage of this service while sitting anywhere, even if you do not have a smartphone and internet connection, you can still take advantage of mobile banking, about which we will go further,

Types of mobile banking services

There are many softwares and APPs to use mobile banking in India, from which you can take advantage of mobile banking and you can download these apps from your play store, Google Play store –

Mobile Banking provided through WAP –

WAP’s Full Form Wireless Application Protocol, in which mobile banking is availed with the help of internet and smartphones, you can either use it by downloading the official app of the bank, or any digital wallet app such as paytm, freecharge, can use phonepay,

To use the Bank’s app, you need a username and password, and whenever you conduct a transaction, you receive otp, to ensure that the transaction is being completed by you.

Just like you transfer money by adding beneficiary in internet banking, you can also transfer money in it, in this you can use all kinds of transactions such as IMPS, RTGS, NEFT,

If you are using d igital wallet , you do not even need to know the bank account number to transfer money, only you should know the U PI ID of the person whose account you want to put money in , only transfer your money in a few minutes. Let’s do it.

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USSD Code (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) –

USSD Code full form Unstructured Supplementary Service Data is , whose data means Asrchatmk supplementary service in Hindi, in which codes given are all * starting with # are dead on,

Users can use this service without internet, yes you heard right without internet , earlier it was used only to detect mobile balance, change hello tune , etc., but since 2014 it was also used in mobile banking. Started to know, now almost all the information related to banking is present in it,

USSD Code * 99 # is given for mobile banking , which you can use without internet and smartphone, and almost all the facilities available in mobile banking such as bank account balance, bill payment, checkbook request , Cancellation of check , transfer money to someone or use mini statement etc.

SMS Banking (Mobile Banking on SMS)

SMS banking is called SMS banking, in which the bank provides its customers information through sms notifications and alerts , to use SMS banking you need to go to the bank and register for sms banking. Happens, after which the bank provides this service to you after paying some fee annually,

The biggest advantage of SMS banking is that whenever money is withdrawn or withdrawn from your account, you receive an SMS immediately, with the help of which you get to know that there have been any transactions from your bank account.

You can avail all types of mobile banking facilities in SMS banking, banks provide this facility only to registered mobile numbers.

Know what services are provided by mobile banking –

With the advent of mobile banking, our life has become very simple, with the help of which we no longer need to go to the bank except for a few special reasons, let us know which are the services provided by mobile banking –

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Get Account Balance Information

A few years ago people used to go to the bank only to update the passbook, so that they could know the balance of their bank, then with the use of ATM, people started going to ATM machine instead of bank, but as soon as mobile banking came into existence only SMS Only through USSD or mobile apps, you can know your bank details in just a few minutes.

Registering for net banking service of SBI is very easy, know what is the whole process

Accessing passbook electronically

You can get your passbook electronically through mobile banking, in which you can know the details of all your transactions and transactions.

Fund Transfer Facility

With the facility of mobile banking provided by banks, now you can transfer money to anyone’s bank account in just a few mints, if you use UPI, you can transfer money without knowing the account number, Just you need to know the UPI id of the front

All types of Bill Payment facilities

Now you can also pay almost all types of bills from mobile such as mobile recharge, DTH recharge , electricity bill etc., all these facilities are available in digital wallet like Paytm, Freecharge and bank’s own apps.

Locating Nearby ATM, Bank Branch

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If you are in an unknown place, then you can find your nearest ATM and bank branch with the offical app of the bank.

Facility to request other services

Now you can request for cheque , debit card, credit card without even going to the bank, this facility is provided by banks in their official app, with the help of which you can request all of them, make duplicate debit card, get stolen If you want to block the debit card, increase the limit of credit card, you can do all this without going to the bank.

What is the difference between Mobile Banking and Internet Banking –

  • There is so much difference between mobile banking and net banking that mobile banking is done through mobile or tab through apps , however you can do mobile banking with the help of USSD even without apps, whereas while doing net banking you need desktop and internet connection . Is required
  • In Net Banking, you know to open the link of the bank website on the browser and have to enter your username and password , on the phone you can also do Net Banking with the help of the browser.
  • In mobile banking, you can also make an IMPS payment with the help of MMID , which means that the money will be immediately transferred to another’s account, you do not have to wait for 24 hours or the bank opens and this facility can also be obtained without internet service. While in Net Banking you need internet for any type of transaction.
  • Facilities like recharge, DTH recharge, electricity bill etc. are given new in Net Banking whereas all this facility is present in Mobile Banking.
  • In mobile banking, you can pay very easily at any shop only through QR code, whereas in Net Banking this is not possible.
  • To use mobile banking, your bank account must be connected to the SIM card number lying in your phone , while you can avail of Net Banking only if your bank account is not linked to your mobile number.

The advantages of mobile banking

Mobile banking has simplified our lives to a great extent, now neither we need to keep money in our pockets nor need to go to the bank to send or send money, so let us know what is the benefit of mobile banking –

  • In mobile banking, you can transfer or receive money to anyone through USSD only without internet.
  • Using mobile banking saves your time
  • With mobile banking, you can check your account details at no charge
  • You can pay many types of bills through mobile banking.
  • With the facility of IMPS transaction in mobile banking, the money sent by you will immediately go to the bank account of the person to whom you have sent the money, for that person does not have to wait for the bank to open.

Mobile Banking the damage (D Isadvantages Of M Obile Banking )

Friends, the benefits of mobile banking are many and some of the disadvantages also, let us know what are the disadvantages of mobile banking –

  • If care is not taken while doing mobile banking, then your data can be stolen if the mobile is lost or stolen.
  • If the bank makes its own softwares for mobile banking, many times this software does not run in all mobiles, so to get the full benefit of mobile banking, it is very important to have a smartphone.
  • Not all banks offer mobile banking, there are many small banks that do not provide this facility.

How to make mobile banking secure –

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Although banks have made mobile banking to a great extent and they work in this direction daily, but still there are cases of fraud; therefore, we should take several precautions while using mobile banking even in our seventies, Let us know which important steps we can take to make mobile banking secure –

  • First of all, if you use mobile banking in your phone, then lock your mobile phone and mobile banking app, because if your phone is lost or stolen, then your mobile phone will not be able to open it.
  • Do not share your PIN like your bank PIN, mobile bank PIN etc.
  • Do not give your bank debit card, credit card PIN, mobile banking PIN to anyone on the phone. Banks never ask for any kind of link from you.
  • Only give access to your data to the app you know, giving data access to every app without checking your data can be stolen.
  • Download all the apps of the mobile phone from google play store only


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