What Is A Mobile Shopping App, And How Can It Impact Your Business (2023)

Take alook atyour phone; you will find countless apps fordifferent businesses. Why dowehave somany apps onphones? Because they are thebest way forbusinesses tointeract with customers. They are also more convenient touse, among other things.

There are several reasons why customers prefer toshop within apps. For one, mobile apps often provide amore convenient anduser-friendly experience than websites. Shopping apps are also typically faster andmore responsive than mobile websites, which can beimportant forcustomers looking tomake quick purchases. Additionally, many shopping apps offer exclusive deals anddiscounts not available ontheretailer’s website.

Keep reading tolearn more about how apps are amust foranybusiness.

What IsAMobile Shopping App?

Amobile shopping app isanapplication that allows customers tobrowse andbuy products orservices from aretailer orservice provider. Shopping apps can significantly impact businesses asmobile traffic continues togrow atanalarming rate. Infact, themajority oftransactions now take place within shopping apps rather than ontraditional websites.

Why Are Mobile Shoppers Going ToMobile Apps Rather Than Mobile Sites?

There are several reasons why customers prefer toshop within mobile apps. For one, mobile shopping apps often provide amore convenient anduser-friendly experience than mobile websites. Shopping apps are also typically faster andmore responsive than mobile websites, which can beimportant forcustomers looking tomake aquick purchase.

Additionally, many mobile shopping apps offer exclusive deals anddiscounts not available ontheretailer’s website.

InWhat Ways Mobile Shopping Apps Can Impact Your Business?

Mobile shopping apps have come along way. They offer many more features than atraditional website can offer.

Here are just afew oftheways amobile app can change your business:

  • Quick andConvenient shopping forcustomers
  • More responsive andeasy tonavigate than website
  • Discounts andapp exclusive deals
  • Social media
  • Marketing channel
  • Better customer service
  • Customer insights
  • New customers

Quick andconvenient shopping forcustomers

One ofthemain reasons customers prefer shopping apps isbecause they are quick andconvenient. Shopping apps are designed tomake iteasy forcustomers tofind andbuy theproducts they need. They also allow you topurchase items faster byallowing customers tosave payment info andmake in-app payments bylogging into anaccount.

More responsive andeasy tonavigate than website

Shopping apps are also typically more responsive andeasy tonavigate than mobile websites. This can beimportant forcustomers who have trouble with websites. Mobile apps can allow you toorganize andredirect customers toprecisely what they need without anydistractions that could take them away from your website. This will provide higher customer satisfaction andcan lead tomore sales.

Discounts andapp exclusive deals

Inaddition tobeing more responsive andeasy tonavigate, mobile shopping apps often offer exclusive deals anddiscounts that are not available ontheretailer’s website. This can beamajor draw forcustomers, asthey can save money byusing theapp. Asmobile traffic continues togrow, businesses need totake advantage ofmobile shopping apps toattract new customers.

Social media

The internet’s driving force isengagement. The more time people spend using your app, thebetter itisforyour company.

When itcomes toincreasing engagement, there’s nobetter option than social media. Still, ifyou want tomake your app work with major social networking sites, you should consider advertising onthem asafirst step.

Togenerate alarge following onsocial media, you’ll need astrong social media campaign. Running popular platforms such asFacebook andYouTube foryour app’s launch isanexcellent method toget all oftheattention itdeserves right away.

Once you’ve obtained all ofthedownloads, encourage new users tojoin upwith their social media profiles. This will make future social media sharing abreeze. Similarly, you should include social media buttons andother shareable call-to-actions inyour app. Toget people toutilize them, you may need tooffer them enticing incentives.

For certain users, challenges andother enjoyable methods are themost effective incentive forsharing in-app material. You may also increase user engagement bylinking theapp with social media feeds beyond share buttons. This isastandard extra offered bymost development firms.

Marketing channel

Another area ofyour company that could benefit significantly from abespoke mobile application isthemarketing department. When businesses switch tomobile, digital marketers get direct access touser data, one ofthefirst obvious benefits.

User sessions andentry points can beextremely beneficial formarketing efforts. Anapp may deliver content toyour users more effectively than other traditional marketing methods because itgives you access toall ofthedata your marketers need.

Whether you’re marketing toconsumers orbusinesses, going mobile allows you togive thegreatest deals atthecustomer’s fingertips.

Here are some ways mobile features make this direct approach tomarketing possible:

  • Response time: Users want toget totheir intended action asquickly aspossible, sothey usually immediately interact with your offers orprompts. You may need towait uptosix hours onaverage foremails.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications have alot ofpower when itcomes tomobile. Onaverage, push alerts have almost 70% opt-in rate. The difference between 5%and70% isobvious compared toemail marketing’s 5%.
  • In-app clickthrough rates: Ads, calls toaction (CTA), andother business-related elements will always have ahigher clickthrough rate within applications. This isequally true forpush notifications.
  • Location data: Knowing thecustomer’s current location isavaluable piece ofinformation formobile marketers. With it, they can send hyper-local offers andnotifications tousers.
  • Integrated solutions: When you connect different mobile marketing channels (banner ads, video ads, etc.), response rates increase byanaverage of73%.

Combining mobile with other digital marketing channels provides amore holistic view ofcustomer behavior, which helps direct future mobile marketing efforts.

Customer service

Customer service isanew field with some old rules. Customers expect quick answers, which require theuse ofmobile devices forinteraction. Customer support via mobile has several advantages forboth business owners andconsumers.

Customers are allowed toserve themselves. Embedding ahelpful, easy-to-use help center into your app might beanacceptable method toassist your consumers ingetting answers totheir questions asquickly aspossible.

The number ofqueries handled bycustomer support staff drops. With growing client service expectations, amobile app may substantially decrease theburden onyour workers.

The most effective approach toproviding outstanding client service isensuring that few ornoproblems develop. Before theconsumer encounters aproblem, data from your application may assist you inmonitoring possible concerns orquestions. However, while you think about it, awell-designed mobile app isalways good news forcustomer service.

Loyalty Programs

Sofar, we’ve looked athow mobile marketing can beextremely useful forbusinesses that want toreach their customers through mobile devices. But there are also ways inwhich mobile marketing can help your business cultivate relationships with its customers—especially when using loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs have been around fordecades. However, mobile loyalty apps are ontherise—a mobile trend that’s likely tostick around foratleast afew more years.

What are mobile loyalty apps?

Amobile loyalty app isanapplication onyour customer’s mobile device which allows them toearn rewards ordiscounts bymaking purchases ortaking specific actions within themobile shopping app. They can dothis while they’re outside ofyour store, sometimes even while they’re inanother one! This means customers have more opportunities topromote your brand andproducts.

Mobile loyalty programs have increased inpopularity because they leave users with positive experiences that encourage them tocome back again andagain.

According toastudy completed byIDC Research, we’ve seen that:

  • Loyalty mobile app users are 2.5times more likely tobe“satisfied” with aretailer’s mobile app.
  • Loyalty mobile app users are 2.8times more likely torecommend theretailer’s mobile app totheir friends.
  • Loyalty mobile app users spend almost four times more onaverage than those who don’t use theretailer’s loyalty mobile app.
  • Satisfaction with loyalty mobile apps ishighest among millennials (83%)

The stats show that, ifdone correctly, implementing amobile loyalty app can yield amazing results foryour business. So, what makes these apps sosuccessful? What docustomers like about them?

There are afew key reasons:

  • Convenience: Customers appreciate not having tocarry physical cards around.
  • Acceleration: Businesses can see how mobile loyalty apps immediately impact their bottom line.
  • Personalization: When customers use mobile loyalty apps, they feel like your brand recognizes them.
  • Rewards: Customers are motivated tocontinue using mobile loyalty apps when they know they’ll berewarded fordoing so.

Getting inonthemobile movement now allows you tocash inbefore these numbers skyrocket even higher. Mobile also allows you toengage with users wherever andwhenever they are most likely engaging atahigh level with brands, which isgreat forcustomer loyalty. Somake sure toconsider how mobile marketing can benefit your business andcustomers.

Customer insights

Customer insights are required todobusiness profitably inthe21st century. Furthermore, customer insights are necessary ifyou want tohave asuccessful marketing plan.

Your mobile app may beadependable andvaluable source ofconsumer insights. Ifyou provide value inreturn, consumers will usually bewilling toshare some critical information with you.

There are several entry points forthese insights tobetracked.

Asurvey orquestionnaire onalanding page isusually thebest option. You can provide incentives orrewards when you wish users tocomplete asurvey orfill out aform. Once you’ve analyzed thedata atyour disposal, your marketing’s weak andstrong spots will become obvious.

New customers

You can also use mobile shopping apps toattract new customers. For example, you can entice potential customers with aone-time offer orreward forsigning upforyour mobile loyalty app.

When someone signs upforyour mobile app, they’re essentially providing you with their contact information.

You can then use this information tosend them targeted marketing messages.

You can also use mobile loyalty apps tokeep track ofcustomer purchase histories. This information can help you determine which products are most popular among your customers.

You can also use this information tocreate special offers anddiscounts foryour most loyal customers.

Why Don’t You Have aMobile App?

Ifyou’re not mobile-friendly, you’re going tolose out onalot ofpotential sales inthenear future. Luckily, implementing mobile marketing iseasier than ever before, andthere are plenty ofgreat mobile marketing agencies that can help get you started.

Just remember that mobile isabout more than having amobile-optimized website. It’s also about having amobile shopping app, push notifications, location data, andintegrating mobile with other digital marketing channels. Ifyou can doall that, you’ll bewell onyour way toreaping thebenefits ofmobile marketing.

Ecwid can help you keep all ofyour sales andinfo inone place. Ecwid allows you toconnect all your sales avenues together soyou can keep tabs onstock, announce sales, andchange inventory, all inone place.

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