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How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (1)

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While Microsoft has brought the Your Phone app on Windows 10 for all PCs, Dell has developed its own solution called Dell Mobile Connect which can only be used on Dell PCs. It has all the features of Your Phone app and on top of that, adds some new ones too such as screen mirroring, notification reply, calling, messaging, and more. If you are unaware, screen mirroring is also available on Your Phone app but it’s currently exclusive to Samsung phones only. So if you want all those features, you can sideload the app and use Dell Mobile Connect on your Windows 10 PC.

Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (2021)

1. First and foremost, click here and download the BAT file. The BAT file is intended to change the model and manufacturer of your PC to Dell.

2. Now, right-click on the BAT file and run it as administrator. After that, restart your PC.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (3)

3. Next, download the driver for Dell Mobile Connect and install it on your PC.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (4)

4. Having done that, download Dell Mobile Connect AppxBundle from here. We will be sideloading this app as Microsoft Store does not allow the installation of Dell Mobile Connect app on non-Dell machines (even after changing the model).

5. Now, simply double-click on the AppxBundle to install Dell Mobile Connect on your Windows 10 PC.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (5)

6. If Dell Mobile Connect is not installing then press “Windows” and “R” at once on the keyboard to open the Run window. Here, type wsreset.exe and hit enter.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (6)

7. Wait for a few seconds and then Microsoft Store will open up automatically. Now, close it and run the AppxBundle again. This time, Dell Mobile Connect should install without any issues.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (7)

8. Now, open Dell Mobile Connect app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your PC with the smartphone.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (8)

9. To pair your smartphone, you need to install the Dell Mobile Connect app on your smartphone (Android / iOS — Free).

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (9)

10. After that, enter the code and there you have it. You can pick calls, mirror the screen, access your messages, reply to notifications, transfer photos, and do much more. Keep in mind, you need to keep your WiFi and Bluetooth turned on all the time.

How to Use Dell Mobile Connect on Any Windows 10 PC (10)

Sideload Dell Mobile Connect Without Microsoft Store

So that is how you can sideload and use Dell Mobile Connect on any Windows 10 PC. We have been hearing reports that the new builds of Dell Mobile Connect (3.1 and 3.2) have stopped working for many users. And that’s why we have provided the 3.0 build and it works fine on my HP laptop. Anyway, that is all from us. If our method worked for you then do let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to check our Windows 10 tips and tricks article.

  1. I will not recommend using Dell Mobile Connect. Have you seen Dell’s privacy statement? They collect information about your media content consumption through their products. This app requires file access permission. You cannot block the permission, even through app cloner.


  2. Downloaded the Bat file from Dell on my HPO Pavilion. believe it is corrupting some other files. How do I remove the Dell operating WITHOUT LOSING DATA? THANK YOU


  3. How do you undo the change of the batch fike to Dell. Computer not working properly since the change. Same question as Chris Jerro asked on 4-2-21. What happens if I unistall? Can I? What is the process. Thank you


    1. That worked perfecctly.


  4. Did not work for me. My iPhone required an 8 digit code and the one you provided is a 7 digit code. Did I do something wrong?


    1. Dang! So close. The new app from the app store is asking for a 9 character code. Please help us!

      (Video) How to Control iPhone & Android Phone using Dell Mobile Connect


  5. Let’s see if this works… I just blocked the app from being able to talk to the outside world in the firewall settings. App still works with this rule in place and I’m hoping this breaks the auto updating happening in the background which ends up breaking stuff


    1. Thank you for sharing this. Do you know how can you revert the process?


  6. This guidance saved my life. My Phone app from Microsoft is useless because of echoes during calls. No such issue with Dell Mobile Connect. THANK YOU!


  7. Thanks, Beebom, I have been trying to follow some youtube tutorials but that never worked and now am here and well I managed. Thanks alot.


  8. This worked for me on an HP Elitebook. Thank you so much.


  9. Thanks for sharing the software, I tried many times to download in my dell 3467 but in the MS store said it is not compatible, I recommend when you install it, configure the updates of the ms store as non-automatic to avoid making it useless this terrific dell mobile connect app.


  10. Redo the process and reinstall the older (working) software version each time you reboot the computer. Once you’ve done it a few times and put the files on the desktop for easy access, it takes about 30 seconds. Worth it once or twice a week!


  11. The bat file has some syntax errors. i.e. why a loose ‘echo’ at the end of the reg add line. Syntax error. It’s logic to figure out what to set it to, actually requires that you set it before running the batch file. Specifying what you want on command line doesn’t work so you have to set SYSMODEL It’s odd logic. Anyway, it was fixable, albeit weird, and now it is working perfectly. I really love this app (imessaing on iphone is heaven). Thanks for the article, now hide it so Dell and Apple don’t see this. 🙂


    (Video) How To: Windows 10 PC with iMessage features for iPhone using Dell Mobile Connect (Dell not needed)
  12. hey I followed the same but after installment my keypad isn’t working.


    1. me too, does anyone has a fix for this?


  13. worked on my pc without even using the batch file. i use dell mobile connect on my laptop and like it, and i couldnt use my pc with my phone because the your phone pairing process never gets past 60%. now i got mobile connect on my laptop and my pc that i built


  14. Hello – It is automatically updated to 3.2.9771.0, and an error message pops up stating that it does not match the system. Do you have any plans to upload an updated version?
    Current version: 3.0.9346.0


    1. This ^^ Only when I reinstalled the appx bundle version did it work. Otherwise my machine doesn’t meet HW requirements, blah blah


  15. Hello – I am using it well with your help. My current version was 3.0.9346, but after being updated to the new version, there is a problem that it does not open. What should I do? Please advise.
    Thanks. Young


  16. Thanks very much for the info. Just wanted to check the batch file that changes the model & manufacture to Dell, is there a way to undo this after installing Dell Mobile Connect? I presume this batch file is only required during the install process to validate the current machine is a dell? Any info on this would be much appreciated. Cheers!


  17. This still uses the Windows Store for the app dependencies. When installing framework dependencies, it generates the message “App Installer failed to install package dependencies. Ask the developer for package.”
    Any way around this?


  18. I have had endless problems with this Mobile Connect, Your files worked perfectly, first time. Thank you so much


  19. Dell mobile connect app auto updates for me in background. Need a solution for this if possible

    (Video) How to Get iMessage on Windows 10 PC Using Dell Mobile Connect - No Jailbreak No Mac Needed 2020


    1. me too


  20. It worked for me perfectly since the Your Phone app on my Laptop just stopped working all over a sudden. So this is the perfect replacement for me. Thanks and Kudos to you. Worked on my HP Pavilion 15-cc023cl first time after following all the steps.


    1. it stopped working suddenly cos its made by world’s most boring and pathetic company Microsoft!


      1. This app isn’t made by Microsoft. It is made by a company called Screenovate. It is simply distributed via the Microsoft Store. This is like saying all apps in the App Store are made by Apple.


        1. dumb he commented that on “Your Phone app on my Laptop just stopped working all over a sudden” written by Sacha Obado. just use some common sense before u speak.


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