Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement Cost In India (2023)

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October 20, 2022

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Question: My Apple iPhone 12 Mini battery is Damaged, it drains out fast. What Is The Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Price In India? What is the Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement cost in India?

Ans: You can find many ways to fix your Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery in India and the cost to replace the Apple iPhone 12 Mini battery may go up and down with chosen way. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery price may range from 2200 INR to 2900 INR in India.

In case you are looking for your Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Price, we can help. Just request a call back here and our team will get back to you. Or you can book your Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Price on our website.

Note: If you are looking for Apple iPhone Repair Anywhere In India, you can get help from Techyuga.

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The most potent way to replace Apple iPhone 12 Mini Batteryis below.

1. Apple Authorized Service Center:

When we face any issue with our device, the first thing that comes to our mind is to visit an authorized service center. We generally think the so-called “Authorized “service center will give us genuine service but that is partial truth we know. As per independent market research, these are the issue we found all over India.

  • First, they charged a hefty amount (Almost twice the part’s cost compared to the market price.)
  • We don’t know whether the center is a first-party or third-party service center (the majority of the authorized service centers are run by 3rd parties).
  • Part’s genuinity is 100% but this is what we used to believe. In any case, you can find that they replace it with low-cost parts and you don’t even know.
  • You don’t know whether the repair engineer who will fix the device is well trained or not. You don’t see their work or their profile.
  • And the most important thing is all work is done background which is kind of fishy.

2. Local Apple iPhone Repair Shop Near Me In Your Area:

The next option that comes to mind is to go visit the local market in your area. where you can get your Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery replaced for a better price deal but this won’t ensure good quality parts and an unreliable warranty. You will face.

Unprofessional: you will find everything in the people who are working there except a professional behavior they will be sitting with friends and chatting with them not paying heed to your query. Well if you pay them they might look at the issue but it will not be satisfactory for you.

Cheap Quality Parts: Just make sure that you don’t get fooled by a shop that claims to have original Parts for a higher price. Do you really think he can have tie-ups with Apple iPhone 12 Mini and get original genuine parts from them? The only way these shops can have original parts is if they took out the parts from some other phone or a victim like you who has already fallen into their trap.

Unreliable Warranty: You can’t rely on the warranty you get from your local repair shops. As most of them do not provide any proper bill or maintain any kind of warranty database in the backend.

No Proper Workshop: Local repair shop doesn’t main a proper workshop. So excessive dust and moisture can ruin your costly Apple iPhone 12 Mini device.

3. Get Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement In India By Techyuga

Brand Like Techyuga Who are Expert in This Repair Industry for a long time. With their experience in both domestic and global markets, Techyuga has become India’s No 1 choice for any brand mobile and smartphone problem. We also provide repair and service for other brands of, Smartphone, Laptop or Tab. We Can Say Techyuga is One stop solution for any kind of your device at your doorstep. The most strong point about this brand is that they proudly claim they repair and fix the maximum device already spoiled by a local shop or authorized center.

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If You choose Techyuga for Apple iPhone Battery Replacement the main advantage you will get.

4. Do It Yourself

The 4th option choice is to get top-notch Parts for Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery from a dependable online store Like This (Click Here) and get it fitted from the nearby shop for only 200-300 Rs. Along these lines, you will get decent quality parts for Apple iPhone 12 Mini Batterywith great costs and a dependable guarantee. You can even attempt to do this without anyone else’s help with the assistance of Our Youtube Recordings or our tutorials blogs here and get the toolbox from this store only.

Get Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement By Techyuga call 9088888835 | live chat

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SmartPhone Repair SERVICEs pRovided By Techyuga

Techyuga can provide all sort of mobile repair services such as :

Screen Replacement

You probably touch your phone’s screen hundreds of times per day. Combined with its delicate glass build, it’s thus no surprise that smartphone touchscreens are one of the most common components to run into issues. The reasons can be many. Sometimes software is the reason behind this and it also can be hardware damage.

No, matter what the reason behind it, our engineers can take care of it. Techyuga has a highly qualified technician that can resolve your smartphone display problem. We also provide high-quality OEM parts in case you need replacement.

Battery Replacement

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A physical accident with your phone not only can damage its screen but also can affect its battery. Very high or low temperatures can also seriously affect your battery life. The battery not charging up or draining too fast is a sign that you need to change the device battery as soon as possible.

Sometimes you can also notice that the battery gets swollen up. This is high time that you get your battery replaced. We can help you to get your battery replaced with original OEM batteries.

Camera Repair/Replacement

The camera is the main highlight of a smartphone these days, so a faulty or damaged camera is not acceptable at all. A physical shock or accident can damage your camera. As a result, you will get blurry or even black images.

In such a case, Techyuga can help you to make your phone like before. We have experienced technicians who can resolve your camera issue at an affordable price.

Charging Port Repair/Replacement

Charging Port are most prone to damage. Constant and regular connecting and removal of the charging cord can be hard on the port and move, bend, or damage internal components. Sometimes a dropped phone can also cause charging issues.

If you have tried cleaning and routine troubleshooting, but you are still having problems with the charging port, let us evaluate the problem. No matter, what the cause of the damage, technicians of Techyuga can resolve your charging problem.

Microphone Repair/Replacement

A microphone or Mic in a mobile cell phone is an electronic component or Card Level Part of a Mobile Phone that helps to transmit sound during a phone call. It is also called Mic or Mouth Piece. The microphone is controlled by Audio IC or Power IC (UEM).

Faulty or damaged Microphone can cause:
1. No sound or Less Sound during a phone call.
2. The other person cannot hear your Voice / Sound.
3. Sound with interruption or Changed sound.

You can avail Microphone repair or replacement service at Techyuga. Don’t panic if you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems. Bring it to us. Our technician can resolve the issue.

Speaker Repair/Replacement

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There are situations when a mobile cell phone gives problems such as low sound and even No Sound from Speaker. When your phone’s speaker is not working, it could either be a hardware or a software issue. Bring it to us. Get your Phone speaker repaired/replaced by techyuga.

Headphone Jack Repair/ Replacement

Your Headphone is fine but still not able to hear any sound. It could be the problems with your headphone jack. Problems with the headphone jack on smartphones aren’t as uncommon as you may think. It happens to a lot of users and can be extremely frustrating, especially for those who regularly listen to music, and so on. Continuous inserting of the headphone cord can damage the port overtimes.

But don’t worry you can avail Headphone jack repair or replacement service at Techyuga. We can help you by fixing this. Our certified technicians are experienced enough to recognize the problem and dealing with it.

Liquid Damage Repair

There are numerous scenarios where moisture/liquid can contaminate a phone. Even trace amounts of liquid will cause the board and circuitry to become permanently damaged. The phone does not necessarily have to be splashed, soaked or immersed in liquid to be damaged, excessive humidity and slight moisture can be just as dangerous to the circuitry.

Don’t worry if you are among the victims. Our technicians can repair your device from any kind of water damage. We also maintain international standard dust and moisture-proof workshops that ensure the total protection of your device.

Power Button Repair/ Replacement

Sometimes you want to get your day started by checking your schedule for the day or do some other things with your phone. You press the power button but it doesn’t respond. Then you try pressing harder but the same thing happens.

Cell buttons can take a beating through everyday wear and tear. If the phone is dropped, internal components of the power button can be knocked loose or broken causing the connections to be missed. There are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the problem before seeking repair. Whatever the cause it is. We can make good to the power button.

Software Issue Repair

As we all know that no smartphone hardware can’t function effectively without corresponding software. The software is the Lifeblood of any smartphone hardware.

So once a phone is dead through a software glitch/problem and you take it to our software engineer. Techyuga certified engineers can repair your software issue in no time.

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Other Issue Repair

A SmartPhone consists of many miniature circuits and chips. So it is quite possible that rough handling of the device may damage the tiny parts inside. Other than hardware issues, there are also many types of software problems like handing, booting errors, network-related problems, and many more.

Techyuga has CompTIA A+ certified professional engineers for your service. We cover all type of smartphone repair at an affordable price range.

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Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement Cost In India (4)

What Is Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement Cost In India? Let’s Find Out

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How much does it cost to replace iPhone 12 mini battery in India? ›

How much is the repair cost of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement in India? Apple iPhone 12 Mini Battery Replacement cost is Rs. 4999 with 6 months warranty.

How much does it cost to replace a battery in an iPhone 12 mini? ›

That means it costs a total of $95.84 to do a battery swap on the ‌iPhone 12 mini‌, and comparatively, it's $69 to have Apple swap it out, so it's not really cost effective to do that repair on your own.

How much is iPhone 12 battery in India? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Battery Replacement cost is Rs. 4999 with 6 months warranty.

What is the price of iPhone 12 battery after warranty? ›

iPhone 12 Battery price is 5760 Rs with 6 Months Warranty our technician will replace it at your doorstep.

Is iPhone 12 mini battery replaceable? ›

We can replace your iPhone battery for a service fee. Our warranty doesn't cover batteries that wear down from normal use. Your iPhone is eligible for a battery replacement at no additional cost if you have AppleCare+ and your product's battery holds less than 80 percent of its original capacity.

How long should iPhone 12 mini battery last? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Mini specifications
Apple iPhone 12 MiniSpecifications
ProcessorApple A14 Bionic
Cameras12-megapixel dual lens camera with wide-angle and ultra-wide angle lenses
Selfie Camera12-megapixel
Estimated Battery LifeUp to 15 hours
6 more rows
Jul 30, 2021

Does iPhone 12 mini have battery issues? ›

The iPhone 12 Mini battery lasts 5 hours and 10 minutes playing back videos non-stop from 100% until the phone dies. And that's definitely far below the average, but interestingly, the iPhone 12 Mini actually lasted a bit more than the iPhone SE 2020 edition.

How much does it cost to replace a mini battery? ›

If you are in need of a new battery for your MINI, you may be wondering; “How much does a MINI Cooper battery cost?” A MINI Cooper battery replacement is typically priced between $300 and $500 including parts and labor.

How expensive is a new iPhone battery? ›

If your iPhone is new, you have at least a one-year warranty to replace a defective battery. If you do not have insurance, Apple charges an estimated $49 to $99 to replace your battery.

What is the price of battery in India? ›

Battery RangeCost (MRP)Warranty
150ah - 12V Battery18200 - 194203/5 years
180ah - 12V Battery20500 - 215003/5 years
200ah - 12V Battery23200 - 245003/5 years
300ah - 6V Battery184003 years
2 more rows
Nov 14, 2022

What is the price of iPhone mini battery? ›

Apple Iphone 12 Mini Battery, Capacity: 2,227 Mah, Voltage: 3.7 at Rs 1500 in New Delhi.

How much does an Apple 12 battery cost? ›

How much does it cost to replace your iPhone battery? As of Tuesday, Apple charges $49 to replace batteries for the iPhone 8 and older models, going back to the iPhone 5. On models starting with the iPhone X through to the iPhone 13, Apple charges $69 to swap batteries.

How much does it cost to replace iPhone battery 2022? ›

Starting on March 1, all older iPhones that came out before 2022 will see their battery replacement fees increase by $20, the tech giant said on its website. Currently, the owner of an iPhone 13 will pay $69 for a new battery. In two months, Apple will charge $89.

When should I replace my iPhone 12 battery? ›

When the capacity of your iPhone battery dips below 80%, you'll see the following message: “Your battery's health is significantly degraded. An Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery to restore full performance and capacity.

How long does it take Apple to replace battery? ›

Also, your phone type affects how long you'll replace the battery. But you'll wait more than an hour at any Apple care center. Doing it yourself or at an Apple-licensed store can take less or more time. It means you can handle the problem within 24 hours.

Why does my iPhone 12 mini battery drain so fast? ›

One of the primary reasons an iPhone 12's battery drains faster is because it supports 5G connectivity - 4G LTE does not drain batteries as quickly. New software updates can also affect battery life, so you might start noticing issues after initially installing the latest iOS update.

Can I walk into an Apple store and get my battery replaced? ›

Fortunately, Apple offers in-store and mail-in battery-replacement service. And most local phone-repair shops will do this as well.

Is iPhone 12 Mini discontinued in India? ›

Apple discontinues iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 11 in India after iPhone 14 launch. The 2022 iPhone SE will continue to remain Apple's most affordable smartphone in the country. iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 11 are not available for sale now.

Is it OK to charge iPhone 12 Mini overnight? ›

Shomes recommends charging your iPhone as it needs it. If you go to sleep and it has a 40 or 50 percent charge, leave it. Then charge it some time during the next day when it gets into the red. That way, the battery won't be stressed, and its health will last way longer than it will when overnight charging.

Should I leave my iPhone 12 Mini charging overnight? ›

Charging your iPhone overnight reduces battery life

Ideally, a battery's capacity starts to diminish once it hits the 500 charge-discharge cycles. A full cycle happens when you use a battery's 100 percent power. And as you know, leaving your phone to charge overnight will charge up to 100 percent.

Why is the iPhone 12 mini discontinued? ›

After two years, the small but mighty iPhone has been discontinued — or, optimistically, put on hiatus. Disappointing sales have made the mini a painless casualty for Apple, but there are still some of us out there that are ready to pour one out for the phone that says, size doesn't matter.

Why is the iPhone 12 mini not selling well? ›

Reports from the past year have suggested that people just aren't interested in buying it. Apple slashed orders of the iPhone 12 Mini in the first half of 2021 because of weak demand, according to a previous Nikkei Asian Review report.

Is the iPhone 12 mini being recalled? ›

And as was the case over the summer, the service program does not apply to any iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 12 Pro Max models. The issue presumably only affects the 12 or the 12 Pro, so if you purchase either the smallest or the largest model, you should be in the clear.

How much is labor for new battery? ›

Installation. If you have a mechanic or a roadside assistance company like AAA install a battery, you're likely going to pay a labor fee that can range from $20 up to $100.

Is it better to buy a new battery or charge the old one? ›

If your battery is over 4 years old we'd advise replacing it with a new one. You may find you're able to temporarily recharge a battery this old, however it's likely to lose its charge again very soon. Older batteries do deteriorate over time and naturally lose their ability to hold a charge.

Is it cheaper to recharge batteries or buy new ones? ›

When you change the batteries this often, the ability to recharge the same AAs saves you a lot of money in the long run. Examples of cost-effective devices to power with rechargeable batteries include wireless gaming controllers, point-and-shoot cameras and kids' electronic toys.

Is it worth buying a new iPhone battery? ›

If your iPhone is a recent model

In fact, if your phone is being throttled due to battery health, getting a replacement will breathe new life into it. Apple's fees for new battery installations is pretty reasonable, and certainly much cheaper than buying a new phone. So in this case, it's definitely worth it.

What happens if you don't replace iPhone battery? ›

What Will Happen if iPhone Battery Health Is Low? Degraded batteries may also cause your iPhone to shut down unexpectedly. This is because the battery is unable to power your hardware components.

How much does iPhone battery cost in India? ›

According to an estimation calculator on the it's website, Apple charges $69 in the US and around ₹7,000 in India for a battery replacement on most ‌iPhone‌ models at present.

Which is the No 1 battery in India? ›

1. Exide Industries Ltd. Exide Industries ltd is India's largest selling battery company. Exide industries are listed within the NSE and BSE share markets.

What is iPhone 12 mini battery? ›

Battery capacity: 2227 mAh. 20W charger (not included) Chipset: A14 Bionic. 5.4-inch, 2340 x 1080 (476 ppi), 60 Hz OLED display.

Is iPhone 12 mini worth buying? ›

The iPhone 12 mini is built for those who have been longing for a smaller iPhone that is easy to use in one hand, and if you want Apple's full-on smartphone experience in a more compact package, this is the iPhone for you. In short, it's one of the best iPhones.

Should I replace my iPhone battery at 83%? ›

Apple considers any iPhone with a battery capacity of 80% or above to be in optimal condition. In fact, Apple feels so strongly about battery health that its 1-year warranty covers any battery at 80% capacity or more. It's not unusual to see iPhones that, after one year, still have a battery capacity of 95% or above.

Can I replace my iPhone battery at 85%? ›

Ultimately, the once-perfect battery health drops to a gloomy 85 percent, making you wonder whether it's time to replace the battery or wait for a while and replace the phone. Luckily, you can still use your iPhone for up to a year with 85% battery health.

What is the life of iPhone 12 battery? ›

iPhone 13 battery life vs iPhone 12 and 11
iPhone 13iPhone 12
Battery for video playback19 hours17 hours
Battery for audio playback75 hours65 hours
Feb 22, 2022

Can an Apple Store replace the iPhone battery same day? ›

If you chose a service provider instead, ask a staff member for help. If the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider has replacement batteries in stock, the process should be completed within hours, allowing you to walk out with your iPhone on the same day.

Does Apple replace battery same day? ›

Depends how busy the store is, roughly 2 hours. You need to make an appointment at Apple store. To make sure battery is in stock.

Does replacing iPhone battery erase data? ›

Battery replacement alone cannot delete or lose your data, but it could happen if something went wrong. Mostly when you try to fix your iPhone battery by yourself!

What is the real price of iPhone 12 mini in India? ›

iPhone 12 mini price in India starts from ₹ 41,999. The lowest price of iPhone 12 mini is ₹ 41,999 at Flipkart on 3rd February 2023.

What is the price of iPhone 12 mini in India? ›

Apple IPhone 12 Mini price in India starts at Rs. 69,900. The lowest price of Apple IPhone 12 Mini is Rs. 55,999 on

Is iPhone 12 mini discontinued in India? ›

While the new lineup brings the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the company has now discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 11 in various markets — including India.

Is iPhone 12 mini worth buying in 2023? ›

The Apple iPhone 12 mini is definitely a phone to watch this year. It comes in at a much more affordable price than its competitors, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for an upgraded handset.

Why is iPhone 12 mini not selling? ›

Sadly, Apple ditched the idea of mini iPhones and introduced a new iPhone 14 Plus. That means, no more iPhone mini. The iPhone 12 mini features a 5.4-inch HDR display screen and packs the A14 Bionic Chip.

Why did iPhone 12 mini failed? ›

The ideally preferred size is 6.5-inches, but people can make do with the 6.1-inch offered by iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. Anything smaller than that is considered cramped by today's standards. This is where the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini failed. The 5.4-inch display on these was simply too small.

Why is my iPhone 12 mini losing battery so fast? ›

One of the primary reasons an iPhone 12's battery drains faster is because it supports 5G connectivity - 4G LTE does not drain batteries as quickly. New software updates can also affect battery life, so you might start noticing issues after initially installing the latest iOS update.

Why does my iPhone 12 mini lose battery so fast? ›

Turn Off 5G

The iPhone 12 series supports 5G connectivity. While fast, it could drain your battery much faster than LTE does. If you don't need to use 5G or you don't need to use it all the time, head into your iPhone 12's settings. iOS has a few 5G settings that you'll want to commit to your memory bank.

What is the lowest iPhone 12 mini price in India? ›

Apple iPhone 12 Mini price in India starts from ₹41,999. It is available at lowest price on Flipkart in India as on Feb 04, 2023. Take a look at Apple iPhone 12 Mini detailed specifications and features.

Is iPhone 12 mini made in India? ›

iPhone 12 mini Won't be Manufactured in India

It is worth noting that Wistron just resumed manufacturing older iPhones after a three months halt because of Labour violence at its facility.

Is iPhone 12 mini a good buy now? ›

The iPhone 12 mini is built for those who have been longing for a smaller iPhone that is easy to use in one hand, and if you want Apple's full-on smartphone experience in a more compact package, this is the iPhone for you. In short, it's one of the best iPhones.

Is iPhone 12 mini old? ›

Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini on October 13, 2020, and it went up for pre-order on November 6. It and the iPhone 12 replace the old iPhone 11, with a smaller display at 5.4-inches compared to the iPhone 11's 6.1-inch display.


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